Our Technological Advantage

Operating a successful STRATCOM means navigating an incredibly complex information environment. Change is the only constant here, with narratives evolving and new actors emerging without caution. Gerulata helps STRATCOM professionals to see the big picture, make informed decisions and evaluate the impact of their campaigns.

Massive-scale Knowledge Graph

Gerulata Universe

Every single interaction between monitored information sources is recorded in our Universe knowledge graph. This can mean anything from sharing the same meme or URL to directly tagging the other source. Over time, these connections add up and form meaningful patterns.

We at Gerulata utilize the knowledge captured in this graph in many ways. It allows us to analyze the flow of information, discover new, relevant sources, and identify connections and coordination between them.

“Information online, as well as in the offline world, spreads through networks - relationships between media and people, and social relationships between the people themselves. It is critical to think about information in this way and to technically represent it in a form of network graph; otherwise you are simply missing a crucial piece of the puzzle, which makes analyzing the information landscape hard or even impossible.”

Michal Trnka, Founder & CEO at Gerulata Technologies

Topic Modelling & Detection

State-of-the-art AI language models

There is a myriad ways to phrase a statement and that's exactly why keyword search is just not enough. Gerulata Juno leverages the latest in AI advances to provide a semantic search capability - finding texts with similar meaning, instead of similar wording.

When researching or monitoring a certain topic, the ability to detect and search for content based on its meaning is indispensable.

“Training your own, specialized, state-of-the-art machine learning language model takes a significant investment of effort and resources. But we believe AI language processing is indispensable for analyzing online content and we wanted to have maximum flexibility and efficiency, so we can bring the power of NLP technologies to our customers.”

Pavol Balážik, Head of Machine Learning at Gerulata Technologies