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Holistic infosphere monitoring, research and benchmarking.

Gerulata Juno helps communication professionals navigate complex information landscapes and make timely, informed decisions based on data.

We work with the leaders in disinformation research and prevention

Predictive, Targeted Monitoring

Gerulata Juno uses predictive algorithms to provide near real-time monitoring of Facebook, Youtube and the web. Our algorithms detect trends and predict impact of captured content, allowing you to react to threats before they become wide-spread.

Powerful Content Research Toolkit

Forget keywords. Our language-aware full-text search combined with the latest natural language AI models gives you the ability to research and automatically detect topics, narratives and themes, regardless of the wording.

Advanced Analytics and Benchmarking

Gerulata Juno allows you to visually analyze quantitative data - such as activity or engagement - from virtually any set of monitored sources. With granular filtering options, you can compare data from various segments and groups.

Holistic approach to STRATCOM efficiency

Comprehensive Monitoring

Monitor any content from Facebook, Youtube and the world-wide web.

Advanced search and filtering

Language-aware full-text search, natural language AI-powered search and granular filtering based on a large number of parameters.

Full support for local languages

Juno supports even the less common european languages, such as Slovak or Czech language.

Predictive Monitoring

We evaluate the performance of each individual piece of content and forecast its future performance up to 24 hours ahead.

Curated Lists

Gerulata maintains lists of information sources, organized by country and theme. Monitoring hard to reach disinformation or extremist networks was never easier.

Customizable Dashboards

Get the whole team on the same page with dashboards highlighting recent activity, content, trends and topics.


Get notified instantly after relevant content is captured.

Charts made to measure

Easily create, export and share charts illustrating your analytical findings.

Artificial Intelligence Processing Natural Languages

Topic Modelling & Detection

State-of-the-art AI language models

There is a myriad ways to phrase a statement and that's exactly why keyword search is just not enough. Gerulata Juno leverages the latest in AI advances to provide a semantic search capability - finding texts with similar meaning, instead of similar wording.

When researching or monitoring a certain topic, the ability to detect and search for content based on its meaning is indispensable.

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