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About Gerulata

Gerulata Technologies is a tech company on a mission to provide tools for fighting disinformation and hostile propaganda.

At Gerulata, we focus on providing state-of-the-art AI-powered tools that empower human analysts and provide them with the ability to make informed decisions.

Our tools allow for the monitoring and analysis of online activity, as well as the detection and tracking of disinformation and hostile propaganda campaigns. With our products, our clients are better equipped to identify and respond to threats in real-time.

Info war is the great conflict of our generation.

Disinformation, online toxicity, polarisation and hostile propaganda have critical negative influence on our societies' discourse and decision making. For our institutions, it is difficult to know and understand, let alone to keep track with the speed and extent of the problem.

At Gerulata Technologies, we believe in the power of innovation to combat the challenges of the digital age. We are constantly exploring new ways to stay ahead of those who seek to use disinformation and propaganda to undermine our democratic institutions and sow discord in our societies.

What’s in the name?

Gerulata is a UNESCO World Heritage site, a Roman fort in what is now a part of Bratislava, Slovakia. Gerulata was a part of Limes Romanus, a complex border defense system, to keep the Roman civilization safe from barbarian incursions. At Gerulata Technologies, we think we have a similar mission - to keep our civilization’s digital space safe from hostile interference.

Our Work

Proudly supporting democratic institutions and armed forces

Our clients come from different backgrounds: democratic institutions, risk management, law enforcement, military, intelligence community, NGOs and academia. What they all have in common is the need for timely and accurate data and reliable analytical tools.

Empowering humans with the latest AI technologies

AI is a core component of what we do and we quickly adopt the latest advancements in the field to improve capabilities of our products. The sheer volume of data online makes it nearly impossible to analyze for humans, but it is just a few clicks away with our AI-powered products.

We’re cartographers of the informational landscape

Collecting and analyzing vast amounts of data from the internet, we are constantly mapping the networks of digital influence. Our Universe graph technology helps our clients understand who’s who, uncover disinformation networks and reveal patterns of coordination between hostile actors.

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