Strategic Communication

Operating a successful STRATCOM means navigating an incredibly complex information environment. Change is the only constant here, with narratives evolving and new actors emerging without caution. Gerulata helps STRATCOM professionals to see the big picture, make informed decisions and evaluate the impact of their campaigns.

Building successful STRATCOM operations

Keeping everyone on the team up-to-date with the latest developments is crucial. We provide practical tools that will help with keeping team members on the same page. With activity monitoring and alerts, you will never miss an emerging narrative again.

Boost productivity with dashboards

Visualizing trends, emerging narratives and the top threats helps STRATCOM teams understand communication priorities in an intuitive way.

Activity Monitoring and Anomaly Detection

Spikes and unusual patterns in the activity of monitored information networks can reveal a mounting campaign.


When new adversarial narratives emerge, quick reaction can be essential. We detect trending content almost in real time, buying your team precious time to mitigate, or execute a contingency plan.

Researching a topic

When deciding on your key message in a campaign or your reaction to a crisis, a thorough research of the topic can provide invaluable insights. Gerulata helps you to scan and map the battlefield before you make your move.

AI-powered semantic search

Gerulata leverages the latest advances in natural language AI to give you the ability to research and automatically detect topics, narratives and themes, regardless of the wording.

Discover key actors and influencers

Identify who is who in the infosphere. Reveal the origins of a narrative and analyze how it was amplified (or not) by other actors.

Understand how information spreads

With the help of our Universe graph technology, we map the reuse of content between sources, providing a clear picture of information "upstream" and "downstream" for any given source.

Make informed decisions based on data

How successful is our communication? Are the adversarial narratives losing traction, or perhaps, there is a topic shift happening? Answers to these questions are hidden in data, and we will help you uncover them.

Visualize narrative performance over time

Evaluate how a narrative's performance evolves over time and compare it with competing narratives.

Understand what topics are pushed by the media and what is the audience reaction

Using our "push/pull" analysis, you can identify topics that are losing the audience's attention, or, the opposite, are building up traction.