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Use Case

Strategic Communications

Narratives that matter

STRATCOM today faces the daunting task of navigating noisy and ever-changing infospace.

STRATCOM teams are often overwhelmed by the sheer amount of noise and adversarial efforts they are facing. With countless actors, overlapping factions and ever-evolving narratives, it is not humanely possible to see the big picture. Yet this is exactly what is required of STRATCOM professionals - recognizing an emerging threat and deciding how (and whether even) act on it.

Access the right data for effective communication.

Our solutions specifically designed for strategic communication needs enable stakeholders to gain insight into what they need, whenever they need it. Our data with our powerful analytics tools, help turn the noise into insights informing actions in the real-world.

React to challenges in near-real time.

We understand that in a complex and constantly evolving world, ability to make informed decisions quickly is essential. At Gerulata we believe that speed is key to success. Our platform is designed to help organisations respond to challenges in the infospace as they arise in the real world.

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