Data Products

High quality datasets customized for your use case.

API Access

Seamlessly integrate our high-quality data into your organization's tools with our flexible and efficient REST-like API. Our API provides you with a powerful interface to access and retrieve data, allowing for effortless integration into your existing systems and workflows. With simple and well-documented endpoints, you can easily make requests and retrieve the data you need in a format that suits your requirements. Whether you're building a data-driven application, conducting research, or enhancing your analytics capabilities, our API empowers you with the tools to extract valuable insights and drive innovation.

On-demand Datasets

We offer the convenience of receiving our high-quality data in the form of a machine-readable dump. This option is designed to cater to your specific needs, allowing you to easily integrate the data into your existing workflows and systems. Whether you require a one-time bulk delivery or periodic updates, we ensure timely and reliable data delivery, enabling you to focus on extracting valuable insights and driving impactful decisions.

Data Augmentations

Harness the power of Gerulata's cutting-edge machine learning models for automatic, large-scale classification of data. Our pretrained models provide an exceptional foundation for a wide range of use cases. However, we understand that each organization's data requirements are unique. That's why our dedicated machine learning team is ready to collaborate with you to train custom models tailored specifically to your needs.

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