Use Case

Countering Hostile Information Activities

Navigating the Landscape of Information Warfare

Confronting hostile information activities requires a robust and adaptive approach to protect our societies.

The nature of the info-space means that data are multi-modal, multi-lingual and multi-platform.

Hostile Information Activities (HIA) aim to destabilize societies by creating confusion, sowing discord, and eroding trust in public institutions. These tactics often exploit digital platforms, manipulating narratives to influence public opinion, incite divisions, and distort reality. Responding to this challenge demands a comprehensive strategy combining robust defense and proactive engagement.

Strengthening the informational resilience of our democratic societies is paramount. This includes enhancing the capabilities of our digital defenses, improving detection of manipulative tactics, and implementing prompt and effective responses to mitigate their impact. Through a well-rounded strategy that addresses both defensive and offensive aspects, we can effectively counter HIAs and uphold the health of our societies.

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