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Use Case

Institutional Digital Safety

Vulnerable Institutions

Public institutions, as well as private enterprises, often suffer from risk of online hate groups.

When publicly exposed representatives become the subject of interest of disinformation groups, they often get targeted with hate speech and threats of violence. Whether credible or not, they are a distraction at best, and sometimes have the potential to ruin a person's life.

Other times, the organization itself is the target. It can be presented as a part of a conspiracy theory or discussed in some toxic context. The outcome is the same - damage to the brand, that is very hard to repair.

Early action is essential for mitigating damage to institutions and personnel.

Detecting potential threats early can help control or even prevent damage. Timely and targeted communication can stop toxic narratives before they gain traction. However, once the narratives have gained momentum, it becomes much more difficult to address them. Our technology can detect toxic narratives during their incubation phase and stop them before they become widespread.

Having visibility into radical and extremist groups is essential for capturing threats to institutions and their personnel. Gerulata can also help you with securing evidence for legal action when necessary.

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