Always vigilant for emerging threats in the information space

By staying ahead of the curve in the information domain and effectively countering hybrid threats, intelligence agencies can safeguard national security interests and protect democratic values in an increasingly complex world.

Safeguarding democratic values

Staying ahead of hybrid threats; countering foreign information manipulation interference

In an age of increasing complexity and rapidly evolving threats, intelligence agencies face an arduous task: staying ahead of the curve in the information domain to effectively counter hybrid threats and foreign information manipulation interference (FIMI).

These threats, along with other Hostile Information Activities (HIA), pose an unprecedented challenge to national security and the preservation of democratic values. Hybrid threats blur the lines between conventional and unconventional warfare, incorporating elements of cyberattacks, disinformation campaigns, and economic coercion. Meanwhile, FIMI exploits digital platforms to influence public opinion, undermine trust in institutions, and destabilize societies.

The information landscape is vast and ever-changing, demanding constant vigilance, cutting-edge technology, and agile methodologies from intelligence agencies. Navigating this terrain, these agencies must pre-empt, identify, and neutralize these threats, a task akin to solving a complex, dynamic puzzle in real-time, all while protecting the principles that underpin democratic societies.

Use Cases

Learn how Gerulata monitoring and analytical platform can help with the mission of countering hybrid threats and hostile information activities.

Countering Hostile Information Activities

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