Monitoring & Analysis

Gerulata Juno

AI-powered monitoring, research and analysis platform for information security professionals from the government, law enforcement and military sectors, as well as for academic and NGO researchers.

Capture, filter, search & process.

Comprehensive data coverage

Gerulata Juno runs on top of data provided by Gerulata Monitor, which covers the web and social networks including leading platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik-Tok and Youtube, but also Telegram and VKontakte. We capture everything of intelligence value, including posts, comments, meta-data, source profile information, etc.

Analyze text, images & videos

Our monitoring infrastructure has multi-modal capabilities, recognizing text in images and automatically creating transcriptions of video content. This is invaluable for analyst productivity, saving hours of time otherwise wasted.

Powerful, natural language search

Being able to search the captured content is essential, and Gerulata Juno provides flexible text search options supporting inflected and agglutinative languages (e.g. Slavic languages), boolean and fuzzy operators, phrase search, query expansion, etc. Besides text search, Juno allows analysts to move beyond keywords with AI-powered cross-lingual semantic search that can capture narratives based on similar meaning, not their wording.

Built-in dashboards and visualizations

Gerulata Juno features a number of powerful, yet easy to use visualization templates. These have been designed by information security analysts and allow advanced features such as drill-down or comparing multiple data series.

100+ Supported Languages

Disinformation crosses borders and languages. Gerulata Juno supports more then 100 languages and provides autmatic content translation, helping analysts to efficiently work in foreign context.

Automatic Speech to Text

The most viral messages today are videos, yet analyzing hours of video content is tedious and difficult. Gerulata Juno support automatic speech to text transcription, so that analysts can quickly read through it and making video content searchable with any of our powerful search methods.

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