Gerulata Sentinel

AI-powered situational awareness solution based on open source data.

Gerulata Sentinel empowers governmental institutions, law enforcement and intelligence agencies and military forces with a geo-aware intelligence fusion dashboard.

Near-real time data

Gerulata Sentinel works with data provided by Gerulata Monitor, which covers the web and social networks including leading platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik-Tok and Youtube, but also Telegram and VKontakte. This comprehensive social media coverage ensures that in many cases major events are captured before news outlets have the chance to report on them.

Multi-lingual intelligence extraction

Our AI models responsible for classification and the extraction of intelligence-relevant details from the captured content support over 100 languages, enabling true global coverage. All the information extracted is presented in English and can be machine-translated to additional languages, saving analysts precious time.

Powerful search and filtering

With natural language search and multi-faceted filtering, Gerulata Sentinel allows analysts to target only the information that is relevant to their use-case. All reports are automatically categorized into one of 10 security-relevant categories, and the list of categories can be expanded upon client request.

User friendly, yet powerful

All reports and information are clearly presented on a beautifully designed map dashboard. Analysts have a palette of options and tools at their disposal, such as working with map layers, measurement of distances and areas, etc. The dashboard can be also run in presentation mode, well suited for on-premise large screens and situation room settings.

Data Fusion & Workflows

Gerulata Sentinel has the ability to ingest external data, such as media content, event reports or map layers. It also allows defining flexible organization-level workflows, such as manual verification of AI-detected information, defining permissions and data-subsets for organizational units, etc.

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