Maintaining strategic advantage in the cognitive warfare era

By staying ahead of adversaries in the information domain, militaries can maintain operational effectiveness and safeguard national security interests.

Decoding the digital battlefield

Understanding the emerging challenges of countering HIAs

In today's digital battlefield, modern militaries face an array of complex threats stemming from hostile information activities (HIA).

The expansion of the conflict theater into cyberspace has unveiled an array of challenges that go beyond conventional warfare. The adversaries are no longer confined to physical boundaries - they manipulate perceptions, alter narratives, and disrupt stability by using sophisticated information warfare strategies.

From spreading disinformation to sowing seeds of discord and exploiting cognitive biases, these tactics directly threaten national security and societal cohesion. Furthermore, the speed, anonymity, and reach offered by digital platforms make this form of warfare extremely potent and hard to counter.

Navigating these treacherous waters demands a comprehensive understanding of the evolving threat landscape and the unique challenges it presents.

Use Cases

We help allied militaries with strategic communications (STRATCOM), countering hostile information activities (HIA) and information collection as a part of information preparation of the battlefield (IPB).

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